Brain Wave Mapping

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Brain Wave Mapping

About Brain Wave Mapping

Brain wave mapping is an innovative way of determining which areas of your brain aren’t working as they should. Lisa Webb, MBA, MPH, PhD, Ken Robins, MS, PhD, and the Body & Mind Consulting team in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, specialize in brain health. They perform comprehensive brain wave mapping for patients with cognitive problems and mental health disorders. Call Body & Mind Consulting to learn more about brain wave mapping and its benefits, or request an appointment online today.

Brain Wave Mapping Q&A

What is brain wave mapping?

The brain is your body’s most complex organ. It contains billions of nerve cells (neurons) that transmit messages to the rest of your body, controlling conscious and unconscious functions.

Because the human brain is so complex, diagnosing the root cause of mental health and neurological (brain) disorders can be challenging. Brain wave mapping offers an innovative way for the Body & Mind Consulting team to identify what’s causing cognitive issues so you get the most effective treatment.

What can brain wave mapping treat?

Brain wave mapping is effective for many brain and mind health problems, including:

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression
  • Panic disorder
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Your provider might suggest brain wave mapping if you have symptoms of these or other mental health conditions.

How does brain wave mapping work?

Brain wave mapping uses a scanner to analyze your brain function. Your provider watches how your brain operates as you perform certain tasks, noting which parts of your brain are active and which are less active or inactive.

The information creates a brain map showing the underperforming areas. The map enables your provider to design a treatment plan that improves function in these unhealthy areas. They can also run further scans to check your progress while you undergo treatment.

What happens during a brain wave mapping session?

You don’t need to complete any preparations for your brain wave mapping session. Your provider simply attaches tiny sensors to your scalp that record brain wave activity. The procedure is painless and noninvasive — no electrical current goes into your head, and you won’t experience any adverse effects.

The sensors detect your brain waves, which may be:

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Delta
  • Gamma
  • Theta

The brain wave mapping device notes and uses the brain waves to create your brain map. The Body & Mind Consulting team develops your treatment plan based on the brain map in addition to a physical exam, lab tests, and information they gather about your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, and other influential factors.

Body & Mind Consulting takes a functional medicine approach to treating mental health problems, identifying all possible causes and addressing them through lifestyle changes, wellness programs, and talk therapy.

Call Body & Mind Consulting for further details or request a brain wave mapping consultation online today.